99Cigars is my journey of everything cigars. It is one of my many passions, along with writing, although I’m pretty sure I’m better at smoking cigars. This is for everyone who has discovered the “it’ factor in cigars. This is my forum to share my experiences, interact with those who share my passion and maybe learn a few things. Please feel free to share your thoughts/recommendations on cigars, products, services, accessories, stories, events, lounges, swag, personalities, quotes, jokes, large primordial eggplants…you get the idea.


I do not claim to be a cigar aficionado, just a passionate BOTL and writer who is passionate about cigars, the cigar community, the culture and the camaraderie. My reviews offer a little history, feature a personal narrative and a mostly objective opinion. These are NOT blind tests. The selection of cigars is random and is driven by outside suggestions, selections from my “to smoke” list and what I think others would like to see. The cigars you see on this site are not given to me by any cigar manufacturer, brand, local humidor or private business. I either pay for them myself or received them as a gift from family or close friends. I do not use a complex matrix of scores to evaluate a cigar nor do I rate cigars by a number so you will not see “ratings” on the review pages. I’ll let the pros do that. In the end, I simply evaluate or grade a cigar on 10 key elements: overall construction quality, feel, aesthetics, cold aromas, draw, burn, flavor palette, smoothness, user-friendliness (eg level of intervention required once lit) and value. I’ll give you the good, bad and ugly and I’ll either recommend it or I wont. I do not fault a cigar for shortcomings in my handling.

Jay Lawrence


I’m a scientist by training, a car and motorcycle guy, an occasional musician and currently do business development in applied markets for a large global biotech firm. I live in south Texas where I’m lucky to be married to my soul mate (3rd time’s a charm!) and have 4 awesome young uns. When I was growing up I wanted to be a rock star…yeah, that didn’t pan out, but aside from my love of music and guitars, I have a ton of hobbies and passions (including a sick watch fetish). I Thank God every day that I have great friends, family and dogs and I thank my veteran and operator friends that I can enjoy them and my passions freely. In Fumo Pax!




Hashtags #99Cigars | #InFumoPax

Hashtags #99Cigars | #InFumoPax

99 Cigars

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